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A visit from Mummy blogger 'The Frenchie Mummy'

A visit from Mummy blogger 'The Frenchie Mummy'

You may have seen on our Facebook and Instagram pages that we recently had a visit from local Mummy blogger ‘The Frenchie Mummy’ (AKA Cecile). We invited her to spend the day here, and at Park Mall, to see just how much a day out in Ashford has to offer. It did not disappoint. Cecile and son Baba said they had a great day with Baba feeling happy having had some yummy food and leaving with some new toys.

So what did they get up to on their day out?

Well, first they arrived here with us at Elwick Place and, like so many of our lovely visitors, they posed for some Instagram photos in our golden frames by Ashford Picturehouse.

Then, they visited Macknade, first stopping to read the helpful guidance on the signs outside (oh and Baba did some more posing – 3, 2, 1, smile!).

Inside Macknade, they picked up some delicious fruit and vegetables, then they moved onto the butchery counter and Baba also helped his mum choose some great cheese and wine! Cecile commented on the safety signage and procedures in place at Macknade, saying she felt they could quite easily remain safe.

Next, they headed over to Park Mall where they enjoyed a slice of cake from The Little Teapot, Cecile treated herself to a few new items from Jane’s Boutique and they also started to plan new school uniform for Baba at Emporia Fabric & Craft.

To end their day, they went for a stroll in the sunshine around Ashford town centre, enjoying all the beautiful flowers and admiring how peaceful and pretty it all was.

Finally, it was time to go home and they made their return to the car park where parking was free for them having spent £40 at Macknade!

What a great day out! If you fancy a day out with your little ones, come and visit us here at Macknade – we can’t wait to see you. 

Photo credit: @thefrenchiemummy (Instagram) – thanks for coming to visit us!