Q: Who is open at Elwick Place?

A: All tenants are open. Please check tenant opening times on our tenant directory page to keep up to date.

Q: Are all entrances in the centre open?

A: Yes. All entrances are open, but we encourage all our customers to still keep your distance with others where you can.

Q: Is the car park open?

A: Yes. Our car park is open. Please use contactless payments where possible.

Q: Is the public seating still available at the moment?

A: The benches are open and in use.

Q: Have you increased cleaning at Elwick Place?

A: Yes. We have a new cleaning regime that ensures that the centre is regularly sanitised.

Q: Am I required to wear a face mask when visiting Elwick Place?

A: In accordance with government guidelines, we strongly suggest that you wear a face mask or face covering when visiting Elwick Place but this is not mandatory. However, when visiting selected Elwick Place tenants you will need to wear a face covering.