Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse

Picturehouse Elwick Place, Ashford, Kent

A thrilling next chapter of the Spider-Verse saga, look forward to Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse this June. Follow Marvel Comic Superhero Miles Morales, as he faces the challenge of saving the ones he loves most, with many encounters along the way. Tickets on sale now at  Ashford Picturehouse | Ashford Cinema | Picturehouse (picturehouses.com) 

Transformers : Rise of the Beasts

Picturehouse Elwick Place, Ashford, Kent

The awaited sequel to Bumblebee (2018) and the seventh film of the Transformers series arrives this June. As war erupts in Brooklyn in 1994, it’s a race against time to protect Earth from the arrival of Unicron.

The Flash

Picturehouse Elwick Place, Ashford, Kent

When superhero Barry Allen is faced with the challenge of saving his loved ones, he uses his powers to turn back time, but instead now welcomes a world without superheroes. With the future at stake, it’s up to Barry to save it before it’s too late.

Asteroid City

Picturehouse Elwick Place, Ashford, Kent

Expect outstanding cinematography from this upcoming Wes Anderson production. A tale set at a Space Cadet Convention, one that soon takes an unusual turn of events.   

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Picturehouse Elwick Place, Ashford, Kent

Iconic character Indiana Jones is due to take the stage once again, for the fifth action-packed production of the well-loved movie franchise. Expect Harrison Ford at his very best, with some rather recognisable faces coming along for the ride too.   

ASHFOOD! Ashford’s Family Food and Drink Festival

Elwick Place Elwick Road, Ashford, Kent

Join Elwick place this July in a celebration of the producers, eateries and bars of Elwick Place, Ashford, and beyond! Look forward to Live Music performances, Children’s entertainment, DJs and lots more.  Be sure to check back for more information soon!


Picturehouse Elwick Place, Ashford, Kent

A story of differences, friendship and discovery. Transport to the world in which all the earth’s elements; Fire, Water, Land and Air, live amongst each other in this upcoming Disney Pixar animation.

Mission Possible: Dead Reckoning Part One

Picturehouse Elwick Place, Ashford, Kent

Mission impossible returns for another spectacular adventure, bound to have you on the edge of your seat. Expect more thrilling sequences, classic Tom Cruise stunts and of course many twists along the way. 


Picturehouse Elwick Place, Ashford, Kent

A favourite of many generations brought to life in Greta Gerwig’s live-action production of Barbie. Prepare to reminisce with this feel-good and fun-filled fantasy comedy. 


Picturehouse Elwick Place, Ashford, Kent

A long-awaited history drama takes to the screens! Following the true story of American Scientist, J. Robert Oppenheimer and the development of the atomic bomb.