Till The Cows Come Home

Inspired by Elwick Place’s former incarnation as Ashford’s renown Cattle Market, Ashford-based artist, Cathay Streeter’s cattle shapes carve out a welcome like no other at Elwick Place.

Inscribed on Elwick Place’s boundary wall, which formally marked the boundary of the market with and the town, the carved cattle shapes have reinvigorated the blank brickwork.

When unveiled  in 2008, to an audience of live cows amongst the human audience of the Ashford Winter Festival, the artwork included recordings of local memories and the sounds of the markets and cattle noises which were activated when people walked past three metal grills inserted into the wall.

“It made me think how the wall has stood there for a long, long time and has witnessed what has gone on both inside and outside the market. So the idea started unfolding that the wall would actually give back out its memories – and it would carry on talking till the cows come home.” Cathay Streeter

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